South Magazine William Mark McCullough

I had the honor of photographing actor William Mark McCullough for South Magazine. We did this shoot in Savannah, Georgia right after he finished filming American Made (2017) with Tom Cruise.

We rode out to the country on his Harley to find a long, empty road to photograph him in motion. He reminded me that while some people go to church and think about their motorcycles, he rides his motorcycle and thinks about God. (Hopefully his mama doesn't read this.)

We explored the woods in Chatham County, hiking around hunting for the perfect spots, and stepping over who knows what kind of creatures that live in the Georgia humidity.

This was one of my favorite shoots because Mark is one of the most down to earth, kind people you will meet, and we had so much pure fun shooting motion shots of his bike flying by and wandering deep into the Georgia woods.

It was a privilege to work with South Magazine. Here is the beginning of the article:

"When he is told that he wears a handle-bar mustache better than most, Mark McCullough responds, “Say that after you’re in an audition room with 75 other guys wearing the exact-same look.” McCullough speaks with purpose. He is articulate and down to earth. When he talks to you about acting, you can feel his passion for the craft like it’s running through his veins.